Whether you choose any combination of activities below, or have your own ideas, we look forward to providing an exciting, productive and memorable experience for pupils and staff.

We set up a shelter, as a base, if the weather looks iffy. Crafting and campfire activities can then also go ahead should it rain. All other activities are not weather dependent.

Woodland Arts & Crafts

Woodland name badges

Pupils create a double sided name badge to wear with pride. Their name embellished on one side. An animal beginning with the first letter of their name on the other.

Our woodland name badges are very versatile, and we can design an activity to fit your subject choice. Early years children had a ‘Three Little Pigs’ day and they have also featured in Christmas crafting sessions.



Shaman Power Animal Badges

Pupils learn about Shamanism, its respect for the natural world, and Shaman power animals. They identify their own power animal, create badges and learn the character traits each animal symbolises. The children love to learn more about, and identify with, the characteristics of their chosen creature (e.g. the bear – strength and confidence, the hawk – focus and leadership, the turtle – determination and persistence). The children feel truly empowered by this activity.


Clay Creatures

Pupils gather round to listen to an African folk tale about how ‘Mama Africa’ created the animals that, ‘Walk the earth, fly in the blue skies and burrow under the ground’. This inspires them to make imaginary creatures out of clay and found natural objects such as acorns, lichen and feathers. We provide the clay and bring ample natural materials for the children to work with. If your school grounds allow, the children can gather some of their own materials too.



This is a fun spring / summer activity. Pupils make images by hammering the chlorophyll from leaves onto white cloth. Simple patterns or intricate pictures are equally effective. It’s fun, it’s loud and it’s instant. The images can be ironed to preserve the colour. They can be laminated or framed. Bookmarks, placemats or art for the wall. We bring ample leaves and field grasses with us. If your school grounds allow, the children can gather some of their own. Most school fields yield buttercups and clover which produce great results!



With years 6 through to sixth form. We teach the children safe knife skills which they then practice by whittling branches to a point. They can then use these sticks to toast their own marshmallows on!

Dream Catchers

Pupils learn about dream catchers and go on to make one of their own. Though we provide all necessary materials, children can add their own found objects.

Nature Trail Bracelets

Spiders & Flies, Snaffle The Bone, traditional treasure hunts, nature trails and so much more. Our team games suit all year groups and always have them begging for more!

Nature impressions

Pleasing disks that can also be made into pendants. On a nature trail we collect sticks, leaves, berries etc. Return, discuss and identify our treasures then make imprints. Disks can be baked and are great for a guessing game later, remembering what made the print.


Den Building

We bring along versatile den kits for groups of children to be able to build their own weather proof shelters. Each kit contains camouflage face paint so they can really get into role. This activity requires effective team work and appeals to all ages. Once built, the dens can provide a base / shelter for other activities and team games. With the fire bowl lit in the centre, the children experience real pride in their base camp.


Team Games

  • Team Buzz
  • Horse and Jockey
  • The Austrian Hammer Game (safe hammer use taught. Suitable from earl years to sixth form)


wipeout-banner austrian-hammer-game-banner


Toasting Marshmallows

Everybodys favourite!! We teach the pupils fire safety and they learn how to cook safely too. This is a great activity to round the day off with. We bring plenty of marshmallows (even for the teachers!) and wipes for sticky fingers.

Our fire bowl means the grass / ground is not damaged and we take the ashes away with us. We can provide kosher, halal and vegetarian options.



Outdoorlearning offers an unlimited combination of team games, den building, woodland arts and crafts and campfire, especially designed to fulfill your school’s requirements. To read about days others schools have enjoyed please click here.