“Our children loved Outdoorlearning. They brought outdoor learning to life through creative, inspiring learning experiences, encouraging teamwork and respect for others contributions and cultures.”

Y4 class teacher Wargrave C of E Primary School.

“It was a great pleasure to watch the children engage with Jo and Jon, who were understanding of the children’s individual needs. They observed children closely, intervening only when necessary.”

Y6 Teacher Wargrave C of E primary school.

“Jo and Jon had planned a great balance of activities that encouraged exploring and independence. The experiences they provided enabled pupils to immerse themselves in activities that required perseverance, working as a team  reflectiveness and resourcefulness. All the essential ingredients to improve pupils ability to learn. Wonderful!!”

Head Teacher Wargrave C of E Primary School.

St Ambrose Barlow RC – Sixth Form Enrichment Week.

“ Feedback from the kids has been great. Read below.” – Head of Sixth Form.

“Very interesting, loved it”

“Awesome and fun. Can we do it again?”

“Very fun. Never knew me and my friends could actually make a watertight shelter”

“It was interesting because it was so different from what we normally do”

“It was fun to do, I enjoyed the team building games too”


 Abraham Moss Community School.

“The children really enjoyed the unique Forest School experience that sparked their imagination.”

Early Years Teacher – Abraham Moss Community School

The children have really enjoyed attending forest schools and were always excited for the next activity to take place. They took pride in their work and were eager to show them to parents.

Early Years Teacher – Abraham Moss Community School

“The children and staff were really engaged in the program that had been provided by Jon for them, it gave them lots of ideas on how to use a variety of resources in their everyday play. A successful program that was both interesting and enjoyable for children and teacher’s”.

 Head of Early Years – Abraham Moss Community School